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This segment of our website is dedicated to helping people learn how to engage with God

-- to sense His love and presence
-- to hear His voice
-- to receive His comfort

-- to receive healing for our heart and mind
-- to receive other images and insights from God
-- to be mentored by Him

One of the most amazing things about engaging with God is that He is far more accessible than we might imagine, and talking with Him is far less dramatic or sensational than many have been led to believe. Hearing God does not require any special spiritual gift or laying on of hands. It is the birthright of every believer. May you be richly blessed as you grow in your relationship with God and in your conversations with Him.



Whispers of my Abba

From His Heart to Mine

Whispers of my Abba was written to those who would like to know how to hear God's voice and to those who are having difficulty. While we would all prefer to have a personal mentor to show us how to listen to God, this is about as close as you can get on the printed page. This book will show you how to listen to the Spirit of God and develop a conversational prayer life that will change forever your relationship to God (212 pages). Available Here

share immanuel

Share Immanuel

The Healing Lifestyle

Share Immanuel is illustrated with flowers, thorns and personal examples that guide you through the three simple stages of an Immanuel healing experience. You learn the best way to prepare, interact with God for healing and then retrain how your mind thinks (21 pages). Available Here

Cd Cover


Taking Healing to the World

This CD is a companion to the Share Immanuel: The Healing Lifestyle booklet.

Immanuel healing was introduced in 2008 making ministry simpler and safer. Now the 2010 revision makes Immanuel easier for anyone to share with friends and neighbors. Coursey provides a clear overview and introduction. Wilder reports of results from parts of the world with severe trauma and then goes back to show how the Immanuel experience is nothing new to the Christian life but has always had a place in the hymns of the church. Available Here

truth about lies

The Truth About Lies and Lies About Truth

A Fresh New Look at the Cunning of Evil and the Means for Our Transformation

The Truth About Lies and Lies About Truth describes how developing a conversational relationship with your heavenly Mentor will transform your life, by learning how God can renew your mind and heart as he speaks into your life. Available Here


"Immanuel, An Especially Pernicious Blockage, and the Normal Belief Memory System"

This is a fairly techinical document that describes some of the more serious blocks to hearing God and how they can be addressed. This document is available on Karl Lehman's website. After registering with his website, please search for the document with this title (30 pages).



There are a number of downloads on the Life Model website that are particularly applicable to this issue of hearing God. We hope you find them helpful. Please note that these links may take you to another part of our website. Simply use your Back button to return here.

A Model for Conversational Prayer
This brief document describes a model for conversational prayer that has helped many people to hear God and develop a conversational prayer life. This is the basic model that is expanded in the book, Whispers of my Abba.

Lectio Divina
An outline of the ancient process of allowing the Spirit of God to reveal the Scriptures to us and apply them to our life.

God Speaks!
This is a list of verses demonstrating that God speaks today and that he wants us to be able to hear his voice.

Can Christians Use Their Imagination to See God?
There is a lot of confusion today about whether it is alright for Christians to use their imagination as part of their prayer life. In this short article, the author makes a strong case for the holy use of our imagination.

Immanuel Healing (2010 release)
This is an early version of Share Immanuel booklet by Wilder and Coursey. It provides an excellent summary of Immanuel Healing.

Immanuel Healing Diagram
This is a great visual aid to the Immanuel healing process, showing the three chairs and how we can best interact with God for healing.



Coming later in 2011, we will begin posting video recordings of real-time conversations with God. It is our hope that by watching someone else engage with God and listen to the promptings of the Spirit, you will be encouraged to try engaging with God for yourself.

Please check back periodically to see when these recordings are available.

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